TRW – Superkits

FPS have recently introduced pre-assembled TRW brake shoe kits to their braking range.

Known as Superkits, they are particularly popular across Europe as garages prefer the time-saving efficiency of a pre-assembled kit; for the busier garage this can increase the number of jobs that can be competed in a day without compromising quality of work, and also free up time for potentially more lucrative, higher margin work. Defective individual parts have to be replaced immediately. Comprehensive test results suggest that, for safety reasons, not only the single defective part but all components of a group should be exchanged. Moreover, brakes always have to be repaired on the axle set, in order to prevent unbalanced braking. TRW’s Superkits provide the perfect solution: besides brake shoes and wheel cylinders, the kit contains all required components including the pre-mounted adjuster unit, ensuring a fast and safe repair of modern drum brakes. Superkits are fully pre-mounted and include an automatic adjuster as well as Brake Shoes, Pull Off Springs, Wheel Cylinders and Brake Shoe Steady Springs. A Superkit can reduce repair time by up to 30 minutes which can save up to 40 Pounds of repair time.



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