FPS now stock WD40

FPS introduces the highly recognised brand WD40 offering a rang of multi purpose lubricant products.

WD40 COMPANY LTD produce the UK’s No.1 multi-purpose lubricant brand WD-40 and also 3-IN-ONE which consists of the best selling drip product and the new specialist 3-IN-ONE Professional range.

WD-40 is renowned the world over and, with over 2,000 uses, is still the most highly recognised and purchased multi-purpose lubricant brand.

3-IN-ONE offers a more comprehensive range of specialist solutions with the flagship drip product also now available in an aerosol format and with PTFE.

3-IN-ONE also now extends to a more specialist range of Professional products which include Silicone Spray Lubricant, Penetrant, White Lithium Grease, Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser, Anti-Seize Copper Grease, Performance Tool Lubricant and Tool Cleaner.

With such highly recognised and established brands, WD-40 COMPANY LTD are working with FPS to ensure they offer the right range of products to meet their individual customer needs.

All products are manufactured under quality systems which are ISO 9000 compliant.

FPS operates throughout the UK from their network of 20 branches and can deliver same day or next day, and up to 7 times a day, ensuring customer’s have exactly what they want when they want.



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